School on Non-Perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory

15-16 September 2008


Many of the fascinating and challenging problems in high energy and particle physics involve phenomena at strong coupling. Understanding the underlying physics often requires non-perturbative methods ranging from renormalisation group approaches in the continuum to numerical simulations on the lattice. Therefore, the University of Sussex invites advanced PhD students and junior postdocs to attend a 2-day school on non-perturbative methods in quantum field theory, This will enable the school participants to attend, and maximally benefit from, the subsequent workshop on Continuum and Lattice Approaches to Quantum Gravity (see link above). The topics covered include:


  • Basics of the non-perturbative renormalisation group (D. Litim, U Sussex)
  • Basics of the RG for QCD and confinement (J.M. Pawlowski, U Heidelberg)
  • Basics of QCD on the lattice (O. Philipsen, U Muenster)
  • Basics of asymptotic safety for gravity (M. Niedermaier, U Tours)
  • Basics of the RG for quantum gravity (M. Reuter, U Mainz)
  • Basics of lattice quantum gravity I (R. Loll, U Utrecht)
  • Basics of lattice quantum gravity II (J. Barrett, U Nottingham)

Participation at school and workshop is free of charge. The school starts at 9am, Monday 15 September 2008, and the subsequent workshop ends on Friday 6pm, 19 September 2008.


A number of scholarships are available to support travel and accommodation. Applicants for the scholarships should provide a supporting letter by their supervisor, sent to .  Early application is strongly encouraged. Deadline for scholarship applications is 13 July 2008. (Late applications may be considered if funds permit.)


  • Daniel Litim (U Sussex)

The University of Sussex Conference Centre provides the venue and the catering. This programme is funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF), STFC, Durham IPPP, and the University of Sussex.

Local Support Team

  • School secretary: Sarah Pelling (U Sussex)
  • Paul Archer, Kevin Falls, Edouard Marchais, Dimitri Skliros  (U Sussex)

Please contact if you require any further information.