The UK Neutrino Network (UKNN) is a group
of physicists, based predominantly in the UK, who are interested in the physics of neutrinos in and beyond the standard model.

The principal investigator is Prof. Steve F. King, who can be reached at

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The discovery of neutrino masses and mixing angles over recent years represents the first, and so far only, solid evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model. Since the discovery of atmospheric mixing by Super-Kamiokande in 1998, there has been a major discovery in neutrino physics almost every year. Although the UK experimental community is very large and active in neutrino physics, the UK theory community in the field is smaller and more diffuse. The UK Neutrino Network (UKNN) was established in 2004 to bring together UK theorists working on aspects of neutrino physics, whilst also including the wider experimental community. During the period 2005–2010, the UKNN organised seven network meetings around the UK. A new series of meetings began in 2012, starting with the most recent meeting (UKNN 8) held at the IPPP in Durham.

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