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Durham, March 31 - April 2, 2004

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The meeting will take place at Grey College, within walking distance of the historic site of Durham Castle and Cathedral. It will start on March 31 in the morning and end on April 2 at lunch time. The fee is £140 which covers administration costs, secretarial costs, conference facilities and the conference banquet, plus full board accommodation for the duration of the conference at Grey College (for the nights of 30/31/1). If you wish to register please fill in the form below and use the "Submit Registration" button at the bottom. 
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Support may be available for members of the UK-BMS network.
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  Steven Abel (IPPP, CPT)
Tracey Pratt (Liverpool University)
Peter Richardson (IPPP, CPT)
Jose Santiago (IPPP, CPT)
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Linda Wilkinson (IPPP, Conference secretary)