Here is the source code for the HEPTopTagger as developed in

(Heidelberg-Eugene-Paris Top Tagger)


Fat Jets for a Light Higgs

T. Plehn, Gavin P. Salam and Michael Spannowsky

Phys.Rev.Lett. 104 (2010)

arxiv: 0910.5472

Stop Reconstruction with Tagged Tops

Tilman Plehn, Michael Spannowsky, Michihisa Takeuchi and Dirk Zerwas

JHEP 1010 (2010) 078

arxiv: 1006.2833

The version of the tagger we provide here was experimentally validated in

An extended version using a variable R approach and by combining the HEPTopTagger with other tagging approaches using a Boosted-Decision-Tree is available here. We provide the core of the HEPTopTagger here separately because many users prefer to include an implementation of the tagger with little overheads.

Our source code comes with an example and instructions how to include the tagger in your analysis code.