Michael Spannowsky

Director of the IPPP

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Address: University of Durham
Science Laboratories
South Rd, DURHAM DH1 3LE
Office: OC104, Ogden Centre East
Phone: +44 (0) 191 334 3636
E-mail: michael.spannowsky@ durham(dot)ac(dot)uk


Lectures at the undergraduate and postgraduate level

Physics tools:

Publicly available code I developed

  • Elvet

    Flexible neural network-based code to solve variational problems and differential equations
  • G4LHC

    Code for Higgs phenomenology in the presence of a fourth chiral generation of fermions
  • HEPTopTagger

    Reconstruction algorithm for boosted top quarks
  • High-pT Taggers

    Reconstruction algorithm for highly boosted resonances. This includes a dedicated high-pT tagger for top quarks and for W/Z/Higgs bosons
  • Shower Deconstruction

    Matrix-element method-based tagger for the identification of boosted hadronically decaying resonances.
  • Event Deconstruction

    All-order resummed matrix element method for the identification of high-energy collision events.

    VBFNLO is a fully flexible parton level Monte Carlo program for the simulation of vector boson fusion, double and triple vector boson production in hadronic collisions at next to leading order in the strong coupling constant.
  • Mapping the scalar potential with gravitational waves

    We show the interplay between the global properties of the scalar potential and the GW stochastic background; they can be also used to compute the latter in an arbitrary model of new physics without necessarily solving for the bounce from scratch.

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