Christopher McCabe

Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology
Department of Physics

University of Durham
Science Laboratories
South Rd
Durham DH1 3LE



My Papers (listed on INSPIRE) - follow the link and click 'PDF' for an open access copy
D.Phil thesis

Research Areas

I work on theories beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. I'm particularly interested in finding out some of the properties of particle dark matter, which makes up most of the matter in our Galaxy and the Universe. An exciting possibility is that dark matter is a supersymmetric particle, thus providing a link with theories that stabilise the weak scale.

My research in the news

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Selected past talks

TeVPA/IDM - Interplay of dark matter searches
DMUK - CoGeNT: dark matter or background?
Brainstorming meeting, Imperial - Interpreting direct detection searches
Bright ideas on dark matters - Where are the WIMPs?
The Violent Universe, IOP - Interpreting dark matter searches at the LHC
Ripples in the Cosmos - The unbearable lightness of being: CDMS versus XENON
Cambridge seminar - Fermi line
DarkAttack2012 - Astro independent methods for direct detection
Durham seminar - Increasing Neff
UniverseNet School 2010 - Sneutrino dark matter