(=POlarisation at Work in Energetic Reactions)

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'Polarization Report':

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Executive summary:
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General remarks about our group

  •   General remarks

  • First Meeting, Durham, June 2002

  •   Minutes from the first POWER meeting, Durham, 8-9 June, 2002


    ECFA/DESY workshop in Prag, November 2002

  •    Talks of the Polarisationsession

  •    Minutes from the Polarisationsession


    ECFA/DESY workshop in Amsterdam, April 2003

  •   Talks of the Polarisationsession


    Second Meeting, SLAC, October 2003

    ECFA workshop in Montpellier, Nov. 2003

              ->  Friday, November 14th, 14:00-15:45, Sully 2

              ->  Saturday, November 15th, 17:00-19:--, Einstein
                Agenda for the Polarisation Session

    LCWS'04, Paris, April 2004  

               ->  Agenda for the Polarisation Sessions
                     Tuesday, April 20th,   13.30 -- 15.00,  Room A
                     Wednesday, April 21th,  15.40  -- 17.00,  Room B   

    ECFA workshop at Durham, September 2004

    Some References

  •  Machine and polarimetry topics

  •  Experimental/theoretical topics


    Other working groups

  •  IP Beam Instrumentation Working Group

  •  Polarized Positron Source Studies at SLAC: News about E166

  •  World-wide LHC/LC Study Group



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