LHC / LC Study Group meeting, October 7, CERN
Room 40-2A-01, 09:00 a.m



      09:00 - 11:10

      Intro (5')
      Georg Weiglein

      Study of FCNC processes with top quark (30')
      Sergei Slabospitsky

      Single Top Quarks at the LHC and LC (25')
      Edward Boos

      Higgs Pair Production at the LHC (25')
      Tilman Plehn

      Summary of Debate on Relationship between Hadron Colliders and the Linear Collider at the International
Linear Collider Workshop, Jeju
      Klaus Desch

      Discussion: which aspects of simultaneous running of LHC and LC should be analyzed in detail? (30')


      11:10 - 13:00

      Lunch break

      13:00 - 15:30

      Squark and gluino mass determination studies (30')
      Massimiliano Chiorboli (talk given by Albert De Roeck)

      Parameter determination in the stau and neutralino sector (25')
      Edward Boos

      2HDM, H to gg and H to photon photon (25')
      Maria Krawczyk

      Event generation in C++ for LHC and LC (25')
      Frank Krauss

      How should NNLO programs look like? (25')
      S. Weinzierl

      Discussion: plans for next meeting, plans for preparation of working group document (20')



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