LHC / ILC Study Group

The aim of the LHC / ILC Study Group is to investigate how analyses at the LHC could profit from results obtained at the ILC and vice versa. It is furthermore studied how informations obtained at both machines can most effectively be put together in order to explore the physics of weak and strong electroweak symmetry breaking, supersymmetric models, new gauge theories, models with extra dimensions, and electroweak and QCD precision physics.

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Next meeting:

  The LHC Early Phase -- Shaping the Future of Particle Physics, dates and venue to be confirmed

Response of the LHC / ILC Study Group to the questions posed by the EPP 2010 panel (submitted to the panel members on May 17, 2005):

    EPP document


First LHC / ILC Study Group Report:

       published as Phys. Rept. 426 (2006) 47

    Version with high-resolution figures (7 MB)

       Version that appeared in Physics Reports

  Further news:

     The LHC / ILC report appeared in Physics Reports (April 2006).

     The LHC / ILC Study Group has been officially recognized by the International Linear Collider Steering Committee.

Program and talks of previous meetings:

   The LHC Early Phase for the ILC, Fermilab, April 12 - 14, 2007

   December 13, 2005, CERN
   2005 ALCPG & ILC Snowmass Workshop, Snowmass, August 14-27, 2005
   Studies of LHC / ILC Connections

   March 23, 2005, SLAC

     November 15, 2004, CERN    

     February 27, 2004, CERN   

   May 9, 2003, CERN


     February 14, 2003, CERN

     December 12/13, 2003, Fermilab

     October 7, 2002, CERN

     July 5, 2002, CERN

     April 12 - 15, 2002, St. Malo

Talks about LHC / ILC

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