Dr. David G. Cerdeño

Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology

Durham University

Physics Department


United Kingdom

Email: davidg.cerdeno(at)gmail.com

Phone: +44 (0) 1913343668

My research focuses on the phenomenological aspects of Particle and Astroparticle physics, with special interest in the nature of dark matter, its experimental search (mainly by direct methods), and its identification.

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Research Group

  1. Elías López-Asamar (Research Associate)

  2. Andrew Cheek (PhD)

  3. Marina Peñalver (MSc)

  4. Pablo Martín (MSc)

  5. Peter Reimnitz (MSc)

Dark Matter Lab @ Durham

Dark Matter wiki curated by 4th year project students at Durham University.

  1. Oliver Farrell

  2. Anthony Graves

  3. Elliott Reid

  4. Wilf Shorrock