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PhD Student

Email: matheus.hostert[AT]durham.ac.uk


I am currently a final year PhD student at the IPPP under the supervision of Silvia Pascoli. I received my BSc degree in Brazil from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 2015, when I was awarded a Science without Borders scholarship from the Brazilian government to pursue my PhD at Durham University.

Research Area

I am interested in searching for new physics in current and future neutrino experiments, especially in the context of precision neutrino physics. My first PhD project was looking into the potential to look for different signatures of sterile neutrinos in precision short-baseline experiments, such as νSTORM project. This has resulted in a proceedings and a longer work in preparation.

Future neutrino oscillation experiments will be at the forefront of the intensity frontier and offer the perfect environment to look for rare processes like neutrino-electron scattering and neutrino trident production. Together with collaborators, I have studied the latter process in great depth in arXiv:1807.10973. We then made projections for the sensitivity of the DUNE experiment to new vector forces that could be hiding at small couplings and light masses in arXiv:1902.08579.

I have also worked on models which predict hidden interactions in the heavy neutrino sector. Together with my supervisors, we have worked on a self-consistent and minimal model with new physics which is strongly connected to the neutrino sector. We present this model and a bit of its phenomenology in arXiv:1903.07589. The same set-up also radiatively generates light neutrino masses, as we show in arXiv:1903.07590.

These models have been proposed as a solution to the MiniBooNE anomaly, a claim which we critically revisit in a work with Carlos Argüelles and Yu-Dai Tsai. We derive new constraints on such models from dedicated neutrino scattering experiments, such as MINERvA and CHARM-II. You can find our work at arXiv:1812.08768.

In general, I am interested in studying and testing low scale extensions of the Standard Model. My research is intimately related to the neutrino experimental programme, and I would like to continue to connect with experimental colleagues to increase our coverage of the vast theoretical landscape.

Selected Talks and Posters

NTN workshop on neutrino NSI - St Louis, USA - slides.
Invisibles Workshop 2019 - Valencia, Spain - slides and poster.
Prospects of Neutrino Physics - IPMU - slides.
PONDD - Fermilab - slides.
PHENO 18 - Pittsburgh - slides.
Near detector physics at neutrino experiments - CERN - slides.
NuFact 18 - Virginia Tech - slides.
Neutrino Oscillation Workshop 18 - Ostuni, Italy - slides.