Monday March 18, 2002

8:30 - 10:00 Registration
  Introductory session, chairman: Roger Barlow
10:00 Fred James Overview of Bayesian and Frequentist Principles - 1 abstr talk: html
11:00 Coffee
  Introductory session (continued), chairman: Jim Linnemann
11:30 Fred James Overview of Bayesian and Frequentist Principles - 2 abstr talk: html
12:30 Lunch
  First session, chairman: Bob Cousins
14:00   Introductory Comments
14:10 Michael Goldstein Why be a Bayesian?
14:55 Robert Thorne Uncertainties in parton related quantities talk: gzipped ps
15:40 Tea
  Second session, chairman: James Stirling
16:10 Mandy Cooper The ZEUS NLO QCD fit to determine parton distributions and $\alpha_s$ abstr talk: gzipped ps(1) (2)
16:40 Ming-Jer Wang Diagnose bad fit to multiple data sets abstr talk: ppt
17:10 Nigel Smith and Dan Tovey Dark matter searches talks: smith-ppt tovey-ppt
18:00 End of day's sessions

Tuesday March 19, 2002

Special parallel session on parton distribution uncertainties - click here for programme

  Third session, chairman: Jeremy Lys
9:00 Chris Parkes Practicalities of combining analyses: W physics results at LEP talk: ppt 
9:45 Sherry Towers Overview of Probability Density Estimation methods (PDE's) abstr talk: ppt  paper: gzipped ps
10:20 Marcin Wolter Measurement of physical quantities in the Bayesian framework using neural networks to fit the probability distributions abstr paper: pdf
10:50 Coffee
  Fourth session, chairman: Mike Whalley
11:20 Gary Hill & Tyce De Young Application of Bayesian statistics to muon track reconstruction in AMANDA abstr paper: gzipped ps
11:45 Dean Karlen Credibility of Confidence Intervals abstr talk: pdf  ppt
12:15 Volker Blobel & Claus Kleinwort A new method for the high-precision alignment of track detectors abstr paper: gzipped ps
12:45 Lunch
  Fifth session, chairman: Alex Read
14:00 Fred James The relation of goodness of fit to confidence intervals abstr talk: html
14:45 Kay Kinoshita Estimating Goodness-of-Fit for Unbinned Maximum Likelihood Fitting abstr talk: pdf  ppt
15:10 Berkan Aslan & G.Zech Comparison of different goodness-of-fit tests abstr talk: gzipped ps
15:45 Tea
  Sixth session, chairman: Wolfgang Rolke
16:15 Byron Roe & Michael Woodroofe BooNE Neutrino Oscillations abstr talk: gzipped ps
16:45 Fred James Comment on a paper by Garzelli and Giunti. abstr talk: html
- Carlo Giunti Reply by Giunti.
17:15 Sergei Redin Advanced Statistical Techniques in muon g-2 experiment at BNL abstr related papers: one, two, three,
17:45 End of day's sessions
19:30 (after dinner) WINE and CHEESE discussion session of PDF uncertainties

Wednesday March 20, 2002

  Seventh session, chairman: Pekka Sinervo
9:00 Roger Barlow Systematic errors: Facts and fictions talk: pdf
9:50 George Kahrimanis Objectively derived default prior depends on stopping rule; Bayesian treatment of nuisance parameters is defended abstr paper: gzipped ps or pdf
10:20 Luc Demortier Bayesian treatments of systematic uncertainties abstr talk: pdf
10:50 Coffee
  Eighth session, chairman: Tom Kafka
11:20 Bruce Yabsely Statistical practice at the Belle experiment, and some questions abstr
11:50 Giovanni Signorelli et al Strong Confidence limits and frequentist treatment of systematics abstr paper: gzipped ps
12:20 Jan Conrad et al Coverage of Confidence Intervals calculated in the Presence of Systematic Uncertainties abstr talk: gzipped ps
12:50 Lunch
  Nineth session, chairman: Byron Roe
14:00 Niels Kjaer Monte Carlo unifying Frequentist and Bayesian inference
papers: (gzipped ps) (1) (2) talk: (gzipped ps)
14:50 Paul Harrison Blind Analyses talk: gzipped ps
15:35 Tea break
  Tenth session, chairman: Rajendran Raja
16:05 Niels Kjaer Technical implementation and results using the k2-filter technique paper: gzipped ps talk: (gzipped ps)
16:35 Harrison Prosper Multidimensional methods in data analysis: a unified perspective talk: pdf  ppt
17:25 Sherry Towers How to optimise the signal/background discrimination of a MV analysis (hint:reduce the number of variables) abstr talk: ppt  paper: gzipped ps
18:00 End of day's sessions

Thursday March 21, 2002
  Eleventh session, chairman: Harrison Prosper
9:00 Tony Vaiciulis Support Vector Machines in Analysis of Top Quark Production abstr talk: gzipped ps
9:45 Frantisek Hakl & Elzbieta Richter-Was Application of Neural Networks optimized by Genetic Algorithms to Higgs boson search abstr paper: gzipped ps
10:15 Rudy Bock & Wolfgang Wittek Multidimensional event classification in images from gamma ray air showers abstr talk: ppt
10:50 Tea
  Twelvth session, chairman: Bill Murray
11:10 Pekka Sinervo Estimating the Significance of Data abstr talk: pdf
12:00 Alex Read Reporting Search Results - CLs talk: ppt  html
12:50 Lunch
  Thirteenth session, chairman: Volker Blobel
14:00 Wolfgang Rolke & Angel Lopez Bias-Corrected Confidence Intervals For Rare Decays abstr talk: gzipped ps
14:30 Sergei Bityukov & N.Krasnikov Uncertainties and discovery potential in planned experiments abstr paper: gzipped ps  talk: gzipped ps
15:00 Giovanni Punzi Limits setting in difficult cases and the Strong Confidence approach abstr talk: ppt
15:30 Tea break
  Fourteenth session, chairman: Luc Demortier
16:00 Carlo Giunti & M.Laveder The Power of Confidence Intervals abstr talk: gzipped ps
16:30 Rajendran Raja Confidence Limits and their Errors. abstr paper: gzipped ps
17:00 Fabrizio Parodi et al How to include the information coming from $B^0_s$ oscillations in CKM fits abstr paper: gzipped ps talk: pdf
17:30 End of day's sessions

Friday March 22, 2002

  Fifteenth session, chairman: Dean Karlen
9:30 Glen Cowan A survey of unfolding methods for Particle Physics talk: gzipped ps
10:10 Volker Blobel An unfolding method for high energy physics experiments abstr paper: gzipped ps
10:40 Coffee
  Final session, chairman: Louis Lyons
11:10 Bob Cousins Concluding summary of Conference summary talk: pdf (1-33)  pdf (34-65)
12:00 End of Conference
- glossary Glossary of statistical terms

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