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Job Details:

Title:Royal Society URF, STFC Rutherford and Marie Curie Individual Fellowship
Location:King's Coll. London
Closing Date:2021-07-02

Job Description:

The Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics (EPAP) group at King’s College London welcomes applications for Royal Society University Research Fellowships https://royalsociety.org/grants-schemes-awards/grants/university-research/ 
Rutherford STFC grants 
to be hosted by our group.  
The Experimental Particle & Astroparticle Physics (EPAP) group is a vibrant, international research team addressing some of the major open questions in our understanding of matter through the study of the nature of fundamental particles. This is achieved by designing and conducting experiments and methods capable of probing the properties of fundamental particles in new and sophisticated ways. 
Our group is committed to diversity and especially welcomes applications from visible minority groups, women, persons with disabilities, persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.  
Our current programme consists of: 
  • Investigating the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe 
  • Studying the nature of neutrinos, their interactions with matter 
  • Detecting and studying the properties of astrophysical neutrinos 
  • Physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics 
More information about the group can be found in 
The group are members of several running (T2K, Super-Kamiokande, SNO+, Icecube) and planned experiments (Hyper-Kamiokande, AION-10).  
We encourage applicants with project ideas that expand and complement our current research, including areas of gravitational waves, dark matter and flavour physics. We are also keen to expand our experimental programme in areas that complement the work of the theoretical particle physics and cosmology group (see https://www.kcl.ac.uk/research/theoretical-particle-physics-cosmology for details). 
We invite interested candidates to contact us by sending a brief research proposal (max. 1 page, including Project Title and Short Vision Statement (100 words)) and an abridged CV to EPAP_Applications@kcl.ac.uk before the 2nd of July. If you would like to ask more details about the group, please contact Prof. Francesca Di Lodovico. We advise potential candidates to carefully check the eligibility criteria of the calls. We expect to make a decision on the candidates we can support by the third week of July 2021.  
Contact: EPAP_Applications@kcl.ac.uk
Please note that the email address is case sensitive.

The documents should be sent to:  EPAP_Applications@kcl.ac.uk

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