Research Associate in the ATLAS Research Group




Royal Holloway, U. of London


Veronique Boisvert

Closing Date:


Deadline: July 11th, 2022


Applications are invited for the post of Research Associate in the ATLAS group in the Department of Physics.
This is a post in the ATLAS group to work on the physics exploitation of the large ATLAS dataset. Involvement in performance studies of jets and other reconstructed objects will also be encouraged. The group has a long experience of involvement in ATLAS Trigger/DAQ activities. It currently leads several areas of detector operation and upgrades for the High-Luminosity LHC running period. These include trigger software, data-acquisition software and hardware. The group is involved in analyses of ATLAS data in the areas of top quark physics, Higgs physics and searches for exotic signals. Members of the ATLAS team are also world experts in statistical methods applied to particle physics and involved in diverse novel analysis techniques.

This post will involve working within the RHUL ATLAS team in one of the analysis areas listed above. An important aim of this work is also to contribute to the development of novel statistical and machine learning methods applied to particle physics. The holder of this post will be expected to help produce independent and original research within the RHUL Centre for Particle Physics, to submit publications to refereed journals, and to work together with, and help supervise, PhD and Masters students. 

Contact: Veronique Boisvert

Letters of Reference should be sent to: Veronique.boisvert@rhul.ac.uk