Arnold Fellowship in Physics and Mathematics




London Institute for Mathematical Sciences



Closing Date:


Deadline: December 1st, 2022


Arnold Fellowships in physics and mathematics

The London Institute is hiring five Arnold Fellows from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in theoretical physics and mathematics.

Salary: Highly competitive, benchmarked against the University of London

Arnold Fellows are named after the Ukrainian-born Russian mathematician and physicist Vladimir Arnold. They are for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian nationals to move to London and take up research posts at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences. The posts are full-time positions and last three years. They are for world-class academic researchers in theoretical physics and mathematics. To access the broadest spectrum of talent, we will consider applicants from a wide range of career stages, so long as they have a record of research output at the highest level. Salaries will be benchmarked against comparable posts at the University of London.
To apply, please send a CV to at@lims.ac.uk. There is no deadline, but we aim to fill the posts as soon as possible. Strong candidates will be invited for an interview. Visas will be issued via the UK Global Talent programme.
Job activities
  • Conduct research in theoretical physics or mathematics.
  • Publish discoveries in leading journals and disseminate them.
  • Be physically present in the building and interact with other members.
  • Be curious about the work of other researchers at the Institute.
  • Help communicate our research and our vision to broad audiences.
London Institute
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Contact: Victoria

Letters of Reference should be sent to: at@lims.ac.uk