Gravitational Memory Effects


Queen Mary University of London, London


Ali Seraj

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The past few years have witnessed a rapid growth of research in the low frequency sector of gravitational waves. This is triggered by various motivations: First, its observable consequences known as “memory effects” may be detected in the near future in current and planned gravitational wave detectors. Second, substantial breakthroughs in the holographic understanding of gravity in asymptotically flat spacetimes, have revealed a deep connection between memory and the underlying symmetries of quantum gravity. Third, novel methods to study gravitational scattering amplitudes have revealed detailed information about their soft limit. Accordingly, this topic lies at the interface between various fields of research, including quantum gravity, flat-space holography, gravitational wave theory, scattering amplitudes, mathematical GR and numerical relativity. 

The goal of this meeting is to bring together experts from these different areas of research to discuss related topics and share their viewpoints. We hope that this meeting triggers new ideas and collaborations and make a bridge between different involved communities.