The aim of the Conference is to discuss advanced statistical analysis techniques as used in measurements and searches in Particle Physics, including Astroparticle Physics. Topics of relevance are:

There will be invited talks, and also submitted contributions. We do not intend to include the reporting of current experimental results or standard statistical analyses.

The following is a list of invited speakers and titles (as of 13/12/01):

This Conference concentrates on statistics issues related to both measurements and searches. It follows on from the very successful Workshops on Limits last year at CERN and at Fermilab. See, for example, CERN Yellow Report 2000-005. The Monday morning session will consist of introductory lectures on topics such as: These are intended for participants who feel they might need a little extra background before the meeting-proper begins after lunch on Monday. There will also be a reading list - lecturers will assume that participants are familiar with the material there. We hope to have a key-note talk by an eminent Statistician. The rest of the meeting will consist of invited talks and of contributed papers. A special session will be devoted to statistical issues relating to 'global fits' to deep inelastic and other scattering data which are used to determine the parton distribution functions of the nucleon.

The meeting will take place in Grey College, an undergraduate college of the University of Durham adjacent to the University's Science Site (see practical info). Approximately 100 ensuite bedrooms are available, together with a similar number of rooms with shared bathroom facilities. The cost of attending the Conference is 250 with a 50 supplement for ensuite accommodation. The cost includes room, all meals in College, administrative costs and a Conference Dinner. See How to pay in practical information.

 Organizing Committee 
  Roger Barlow (Manchester)
Bob Cousins (UCLA)
Glen Cowan (RHBNC)
Fred James (CERN)
Dean Karlen (Carleton)
Jim Linnemann (Michigan State)
Louis Lyons (Oxford)
Bill Murray (Rutherford Lab)
Harrison Prosper (Florida State)
Pekka Sinervo (Toronto)
James Stirling (IPPP Durham)
 Local Organization  

James Stirling (IPPP)
Mike Whalley (IPPP)
Linda Wilkinson (IPPP, Conference Secretary)

Contact: Louis Lyons, James Stirling
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