IPPP Workshop on
Multiparticle Production in QCD Jets

12th-15th December 2001

Grey College, Durham

Registration deadline: 15th November 2001


Valery Khoze, Nick Brook, James Stirling, Jeppe R Andersen

Administrative Secretary

Linda Wilkinson

As part of the IPPP Workshop series, we are planning to organise a small workshop on "Multiparticle Production in QCD Jets". The idea is to get a group of "world experts" and interested parties together in an informal meeting where there would be ample time for discussion. We believe that the time is ideal to review the theoretical results and the experimental data from the LEP era, HERA and the TEVATRON in this area. Prospects for studies at the LHC and a future linear e+e- collider will be addressed.

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V.A.Khoze@durham.ac.uk, n.brook@bristol.ac.uk , Jeppe.Andersen@dur.ac.uk