The methods of holography (gauge/gravity dualities) have reached a mature  development stage, where they can be used as a tool in a variety of important physical  problems. Formal developments (for instance in the light of integrability) beautifully  complement applications to experimentally accessible systems at low energy  (condensed matter) as well as at high-energy (QCD, EWSB). In particular, with the LHC  experiments entering data-acquisition phase, it is crucial for the international  community to identify priorities and coordinate efforts within the research program of  high-energy applications. The aim of this meeting is to coordinate the research activity  so that the goals of all these theoretical research programs are met successfully ant  timely, and to encourage and facilitate international collaborations.   ESF  IPPP WIMCS Adi Armoni (Swansea University) Sebastian Franco (IPPP, Durham University) Tim Hollowood (Swansea University)   Prem Kumar (Swansea University)  Biagio Lucini (Swansea University) Carlos Nuñez (Swansea University)  Maurizio Piai (Swansea University) HoloGrav: 2012 April: 16-20 Workshop sponsored by the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology  Organizers  Sponsors