The Cosener's House, Abingdon, U.K.
June 7-8, 2003


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The meeting is primarily for members of the UK particle physics community, who wish to have a pedagogical exposition of the significance of the WMAP results. We hope that this will also serve as a forum for expert discussion and debate. A similar workshop was organised after the COBE results 11 years ago, and this years meeting hopes to repeat the success of its predecessor.

Some background knowledge will be assumed (eg, have you heard of C_l's...or cosmic variance?). Here are some reviews of the CMB, the physics of acoustic peaks, particle physics and inflation, the cosmological constant and dark energy, Dark Matter, and two of the WMAP papers Determination of Cosmological Parameters, and Implications for Inflation.

The talks are by invited speakers, with plenty of time scheduled for discussion.

The meeting will start mid-morning on Saturday, to allow people to travel Saturday morning, and end at lunchtime on Sunday.

Any queries contact Subir Sarkar , Steve Abel , or Sacha Davidson , or Ignacio Navarro.