Workshop on String Phenomenology
and Dynamical Vacuum Selection

March 27th - 29th 2008, Liverpool, U.K.

Liverpool String Phenomenology group and the IPPP are pleased to announce a string phenomenology Workshop on dynamical vacuum selection and supersymmetry breaking from string theory. The meeting at the University of Liverpool will run over three days and will be hosted by Liverpool University. Accomodations for two nights are available at special rates in the nearby Adelphi (*** 150 for two nights), the Feathers Hotel (** 120 for two nights) and in the Halls of Residence (* 50 for two nights).

There is no registration fee for the workshop.

The deadline for registration is the 28th February 2008.

List of participants

Organising Committee:

  Jean Settle, Linda Wilkinson
Radu Tatar, Steve Abel, Alon Faraggi