Durham 1 - 4 September 2004


All talks are uploaded on the Durham CDS Agenda document server.

ECFA workshop Further Meetings
Tuesday, August 31: Arrival
afternoon Unofficial group meetings possible   
6-8 pm Registration Cold Buffet at Grey College 
Wednesday, September 1st
8 am Registration   
9.15 Plenary Greetings from hosts   
9.35   News and Charge to Workshop (D. Miller)   
10.10   Report from ITRP (G. Kalmus)    
10.30 Coffee + Tea Break    
11.00   Plans for EUROTeV (E. Elsen)    
11.20   Newly Funded R&D Programmes (G. Blair)    
11.55   Theoretical Introduction (J. Stirling)    
12.30 Lunch Break    
14.00 Parallel Higgs - EW+Alt. - Vertex general - DAQ    
15.30 Coffee + Tea Break    
16.00 Parallel Susy - EW+Alt - G-G Physics - Calorimetry+Others    
17.30 Plenary Cosmology and the LC (M. Drees)    
18.00   The SPA project (P. Zerwas)    
18.30 End of Sessions    
19.00 Dinner Dinner at Grey College  
20.30 Social Event Organ Concert at Cathedral  
Thursday, September 2nd
9 am Parallel Cosmology - QCD+top - BDIR - Simulation    
10.30 Coffee + Tea break    
11.00 Parallel Susy+G-G Physics+Generators - Detector performance - spare - spare    
12.30 Lunch Break   CALICE collaboration Steering Board meeting and
      TPC steering group meeting over lunch
  Parallel     13:30-16.00 WORLDWIDE VIDEO CONFERENCE
14.00   Vertex specialists - Loopverein - Polarisation   Testbeams for calorimetry plus
        (European organisers: F. Sefkow, V. Vrba)
15.30 Coffee+Tea break    
16.00 Parallel Susy - Tracking - Cal+others - Loopverein- G-G Technology    
17.30 Plenary Report on Forward Calorimetry workshop (R. Ingbir)    
17.50   Report from Top/QCD group (TBA)    
18.05   Report from Gamma-Gamma Physics group (TBA)    
18.20   Spare time    
18.30 End of Sessions    
19:00 Dinner Dinner at Grey College  
  Social Event Ceilidh Evening with 'Beer Tasting'  
Friday, September 3rd
8-9 am       LCFI collaboration meeting (with phone conference)
9.00 Parallel Higgs - Cal+others - Generators+Susy - BDIR    
10.15 Coffee + Tea Break    
10.45 Parallel Cosmology - Tracking - Cal + others - BDIR - Generators+Higgs    
12.30 Lunch Break   Joint Meeting of ECFA O.C. and Conveners over lunch
    The case for a Silicon-Tracking Detector Concept (H. Weerts)    
14.30   The case for a 'huge' Gaseous-Tracking Detector Concept (S. Yamashita)    
15:00   The case for a 'medium-sized' Gaseous-Tracking Detector Concept (T. Behnke)    
15:30   Discussion on technical and strategic questions    
16.00 Coffee + Tea Break    
16.30 Parallel Polarisation + BDIR - Tracking - Simulation - Cal + others    
18:00 End of Sessions    
19:00 Buses leave for dinner in Newcastle    
20:00 Social Event Conference Dinner  
Saturday, September 4th
8:30 FINAL PLENARY Reports from physics groups etc., to be arranged at workshop    
12.00   News from ILCSC and Future Goals (B. Foster)    
12.30 Buffet lunch at the IPPP institute  
2-5 pm   Silicon Detector Design Study

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Talk requests for parallel sessions: please contact Conveners of Working Groups

Details for the Worldwide Video Conference: Testbeams for calorimetry plus

Details for the Video Stream of the Worldwide Detector Concept Studies

Programme of the Silicon Detector Design Study