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Job Details:

Title:Theoretical Physics
Location:U. Sussex (main)
Contact:Mark Hindmarsh
Closing Date:2021-01-31

Job Description:

Applications are sought from early career theorists for a full-time postdoctoral position in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sussex.

The position is funded as part of QUEST-DMC, a new consortium dedicated to developing theoretical and experimental techniques to study the superfluid helium-3 (3He) A/B transition as an analogue laboratory system which can be used to simulate phase transitions in the early universe.  The consortium is composed of researchers at the University of Oxford, Royal Holloway University of London, Lancaster University and the University of Sussex.

The remit is theoretical research on the applications of superfluid 3He to cosmological phase transitions. We will be particularly interested in applicants with research experience in numerical simulations of phase transitions or topological defects, either in quantum fluid condensates or cosmology. 

The post-holder  will work with a team applying multidisciplinary skills to the modelling of the nucleation of B-phase droplets in the A phase, and the propagation of the phase boundary.  The aim is to solve the long-standing puzzle of the phase transition between the two superfluid phases of 3He (A and B), and develop theoretical and computational tools to model phase interface dynamics in quantum fluids. Both problems have direct connections to early universe phase transitions and the characterisation of gravitational waves for future space-based detectors such as LISA.

The position is based in the lively research environment of the Sussex Theoretical Particle Physics group, which is also a member of the related consortium QSNET funded under the same Quantum Technology for Fundamental Physics programme of the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The consortium has a wide network of international partners, including theorists at Northwestern University, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki.  Extensive supercomputing resources are available through the University of Sussex and CSC, the Finnish IT Centre for Science.

Potential candidates are encouraged to make contact with Professor Mark Hindmarsh (m.b.hindmarsh@sussex.ac.uk) or Professor Stephan Huber (s.huber@sussex.ac.uk).

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