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As part of the IPPP UK phenomenology network activities, IPPP invites applications from UK-based permanent academic staff for IPPP Associateships. Associateships are awarded to individuals or small teams, and are funded by Durham University as part of the partnership agreement with STFC.

Associates are selected on the basis of scientific excellence of their proposal bearing in mind the need to balance activity in different areas of phenomenological research including beyond the standard model physics, electroweak and Higgs physics, flavour physics, model building, Monte Carlo simulations, neutrino physics, particle astrophysics and strong interactions. Applications are welcomed from both theorists and experimentalists.

The main objectives of the Associateship Programme are to:

  • Enhance interactions and enable new collaborations between the Associate, the Associate’s Institution and the IPPP
  • Support research visits (typically of a week each time) of the Associate or their students to IPPP and of IPPP staff/PDRA/students to the Associate’s institution

The next round of Associateships will be awarded in the Autumn of 2017, for calendar 2018. The deadline for applications will be 31st August 2017.

IPPP Associates 2016-2017

A list of the IPPP Associates for 2016-2017 is given below.

Costas Andreopoulos Costas Andreopoulos
Global Tuning of the GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator.
Lily Asquith Lily Asquith
BSM Physics with Boosted Tops
Clare Burrage Clare Burrage
Connecting Cosmology and Phenomenology.
Greig Cowan Greig Cowan
University of Edinburgh
Exotic hadron spectroscopy
Jeff Forshaw Jeff Forshaw
Developing a new amplitude-level parton shower
Marco Gersabeck Marco Gersabeck
Discovery of Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry in the Charm Sector
Sebastian Jaeger Sebastian Jaeger
Probing the TeV scale with mixing and rare decays
Donal O'Connell Donal O'Connell
Applications of Six Dimensional Spinors.
Steven Worm Steven Worm
Dark Matter Interpretations for Direct Detection Experiments

No-cost extensions from the previous year.

Claire Gwenlan(Oxford), Mark Sutton(Sussex)Claire Gwenlan(Oxford), Mark Sutton(Sussex) Claire Gwenlan, Mark Sutton
Fast NNLO QCD predictions for LHC Run 2 and beyond
Chris Hays(Oxford) Chris Hays
Probing new physics with Higgs interactions
Georgia Karagiorgi Georgia Karagiorgi (extension)
Searching for New Physics in the Neutrino Sector
Cristina Lazzeroni Cristina Lazzeroni
Search for new physics in Kaon Decays
Matthew Wingate Matthew Wingate
B meson mixing and decays using Lattice QCD
Kenneth Long Kenneth Long
Neutrino nucleus inclusive and exclusive cross section measurement using muon-derived beams


Associates from previous years

2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17